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Shopping For VA Loan Lenders

Shopping around for a the right VA lender is always a good thing. It is crucial that this searching is completed within the 90-day window, or your shopping will begin to effect your credit score. Finding the perfect lender to answer all your VA home loan questions can be some task, but below are some great tips in finding your lending match.

Don’t Search For Lowest Interest Rate

Searching and choosing the lender that provides the lowest interest rate isn’t necessarily a good idea. This really goes back to the saying, “You get what you pay for.” You’ll probably end up working with somebody who is inexperienced in the field. They may work in a call center, and they won’t be readily available to answer your questions.

Do Find a VA Approved LenderPhoto of the official VA seal

Finding a certified lender who works directly with the VA is important. A lender approved by the VA will understand the in’s and out’s of the VA program and its many details.

The approval process will ultimately run smoother because everything will be according to VA standards with an official lender. Pretty much any mortgage company is able to offer VA loans in addition to conventional loans, but the safest bet is to ensure they are VA approved.

Don’t Max Out Credit

Your credit score can be effected in many other ways. You should not attempt to max out your credit. This means you shouldn’t apply for a home mortgage while applying for a car loan as well as signing up for a new credit card. These are all different types of credit pulls, therefore the credit agency will react by lowering your score. Stick to finding your VA lender within those 90-days without applying for any other loan that requires a credit pull.

Do Shop Within 90-Day Period

As far as your credit score goes, it will not lower due to a mortgage credit pull. You are actually granted a 90-day shopping period after your first pull. Therefore if somebody pulls your credit one day and you get credit pulled two weeks later by a different lender, it won’t effect your score. You have the right to shop for the perfect VA lender, and you can do it without harming your score.

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Do Find a Reliable Lender

At VA Loan Spot, we make sure to have licensed professionals with five years plus experience. Our lenders are VA home loan specialists and can assist you with any question or concern. They are available at a time most convenient for you by both phone and email. Choosing a knowledgable lender that can educate you about the entire VA loan process can really make a difference.

The VA home loan process can be a difficult thing to understand, but a great VA lender can make a real difference. The VA home loan specialists at VA Loan Spot are here to help you. We have the knowledge and the time to help you along your home loan path. Give us a call today.

Bobby Atkisson

Bobby Atkisson

Bobby Atkisson is a seasoned mortgage professional who provides high quality financial services to military members and veterans. With over 14 years experience in the lending and financial industry, his mission is to provide high quality mortgage programs with the most competitive interest rates. For expert advice and guidance on VA Home Loans and Refinance, contact Bobby today at 800-537-2050.