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VA Loan Eligibility for Surviving Spouse

VA Loan Eligibility for Surviving Spouse

The brave men and women who serve our country are often supported by a spouse whose own sacrifice should not be overlooked. For most of us who are married, we are rarely away from our husband or wife for more than a day. We have the privilege of hearing their voice, seeing their face, and holding their hand. And, when we settle in for the night, they are usually right there beside us.

For a spouse of a serviceman or woman, that is often not the case. And, in the worst of circumstances, husbands and wives leave for duty and do not return home. While nothing can truly mend these wounds of loss, the VA Loan Program wants to honor these spouses.

In an effort to ease the burden and stress around such a loss and allow life to continue for the grieved during the long healing process, the US government has extended the benefits of the VA Loan Program to the spouses of soldiers who are missing, held prisoner by the enemy, or who have been killed in action.

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VA loan benefits are extended to surviving spouses under certain conditions.

  • The surviving spouse has not remarried
  • The surviving spouse has remarried but since divorced and is now unmarried
  • The surviving spouse has remarried but the marriage ended due to death of the spouse

If you are the spouse of a killed, imprisoned, or missing veteran, we want you to understand the benefits that are available to you through the VA Home Loan Program. If you have any questions about your eligibility, please feel free to contact a VA Home Loan specialist at VA Loan Spot.*

* At this time, these benefits are not available to the surviving children of veterans.


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