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VA Loan Spot Helps Flint, MI Water Crisis

Creating a Solution: Raise Money, Provide Water

You can help VA Loan Spot SAVE a life with a small donation. How will you spend $5 today? By donating it for clean water to give to the families in Flint, Michigan, you can help a child brush their teeth, wash their washes, quench their thirst and so much more.

There is a state of emergency right now in one of our fellow American cities, and they need our help. We are creating a campaign to raise money that will in return be used to send donations and cases of water to the city of Flint, MI. Utilizing a GoFundMe page, we aim to raise over $1,000, to provide an excess of 200 cases of water to the people of Flint.

What’s Happening in Flint, MI

A water sample taken from a Flint home in January 2016. Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images

A water sample taken from a Flint home in January 2016. Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images

A change in the source of filtered water went horribly wrong, and now the water running through Flint has a heavy contamination of lead, causing between 6,000 to 12,000 cases of health issues directly tied to excess lead in the body. By aiding in the efforts to provide Flint with water while this issue gets resolved, we can put ease to civil unrest, as well as a solution to the health issues that are arising. VA Loan Spot’s cornerstone of giving back to American people ties directly in with this cause and is something we are very passionate about.


“The water crisis happening in Flint, Michigan is devastating,” says founder of VA Loan Spot Bobby Atkisson. “VA Loan Spot’s mission is to assist and help those who serve our country. Today we’re expanding that mission and asking our dedicated veterans, active-duty military members and people throughout the country to donate and help the people of Flint who are in vital need of our assistance.”

Help The Citizens of Flint, MI Today

Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images

Photo by Sarah Rice/Getty Images

We ask all of those who feel it in their heart to help fellow American citizens to aid in our campaign to help Flint. Every $1 donated will equate to around 5 bottles of water, so no donation is too small. Through the duration of the campaign, we will work with the Flint Water Fund and the American Red Cross to deliver and distribute the cases of water to the people of Flint, MI. VA Loan Spot is starting the campaign off with a $200 donation. Any and all donations are accepted on our GoFundMe page.

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Bobby Atkisson

Bobby Atkisson

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